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Seirin - number one in Japan
Seirin - number one in Japan

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Free! Eternal Summer  |  Shigino Kisumi

Sexy Zone 7th single: Otoko Never Give Up covers [x]
Sexy Zone 7th single: Otoko Never Give Up covers [x]



There wasn’t a word of dialogue here

But fuck.

#casual way Rin is just chatting him up #he LOST #he didn’t even WIN this time #he LOST and is smiling #because 0.02 seconds doesn’t really mean much #and Haru is going all out against him #hold his own #BEATING him #Haru lost in S01E07 #Haru tied him in S02E01 #and now #Haru has beaten him by a tiny margin in S02E06 #I do wonder if Rin isn’t a little worried #I feel like he should be #but he doesn’t seem it at all? #he seems like it makes him HAPPY #that he’s falling behind again #because it’s like in HS2 #having Haru in front of him gives him something to strive for #and Haru being in front of him means Haru wants it just as bad as he does #to get serious about swimming #just as serious as Rin #ugh this episode was dangerous 

oh my god. I need all of these tags because this resonates with me SO MUCH. I am SO HAPPY that Haru seems to be taking it seriously, and that Rin is happy that he’s got something to work towards again instead of being bummed that he lost, but MOST OF ALL Rin totally noticing how Haru is getting fired up and being happy about that specifically.